Thursday, July 22, 2010


While I normally shun reality TV, I do have a soft spot for So You Think You Can Dance. Because It's dancing, and how is that not fun? I've taken dance classes since I was in elementary school (don't let this fool you, I'm not very good), I took hip hop classes in LA at 24 Hour Fitness (one of the only white girls in the class, and loving it, so much fun), I like musicals with big dance numbers, and the only real chick flick I own is Center Stage.

So back to the show. And spoiler alert if you aren't caught up (through 7/21).

I think there must be a curse on the season first off, what's with all the injuries? Alex getting hurt was a major upset from the get go. He could have easily won, all the judges thought so, and then he's benched, in a cast. Suddenly, it's a free for all. And then Ashley, who would have been voted off soon anyway, like the rest of the girls. And this week, Billy (although I have a suspicion he feared this was his last week anyway, and it looks better to go out injured than get voted off). So we will assume that though Billy's injuries aren't too serious, he will be the one going home this week.

So onto the remaining five. First of all, I admit it, I love Kent like everyone else (except Mia with her, "everyone loves you, apparently," super sass line last night). He is innocent and charming and a regular Peter Pan kid, who can fly because he thinks happy thoughts. And because he is such an audience favorite, and we are the voters, he'll most likely be in the top two. But he is a good dancer, and I thought he pulled off that stepping routine with Twitch pretty damn well last night, especially for a skinny white boy from Wapakoneta, OH. I really would have liked to see him and Billy doing that together, but it probably would have been rough on Billy. Oh, and I think Cat has wanted to be his cougar since day one.

The other dancer I see going to the final two is Lauren, the last girl left standing. She is also a crown favorite, and rightly so. She has handled every genre of dance put to her with great skill, including being "bad" last night with Twitch. The girl can dance, no question.

On to Robert (who looks the way I picture Clark Kent looking). Actually I'm surprised he's from LA and not farm country. But anyway, he is a skillful dancer, who for some reason hasn't won over the audience. The judges can't figure out why either. But every week he assumes the role given to him, dances his ass off, and smiles for the camera. I think he should be in the top three, but the voters may not give him that chance.

And then Jose. I really want to borrow the line from Full House here and say No way Jose! He is continuing to not impress me. I know he has a smile that seduces the voters, but he doesn't have the skill to back it up. Honestly, when a great choreographer has to figure out a dance where he barely has to do any dancing because he doesn't have the technique for it, that really says it all. I liked the concept of Sonya's dance too, but he never gave me the sense that he was losing control, that he might fall, and so I don't think he even pulled that off. And then in the Paso Doble with AdeChike, he may have looked good and strong with his shirt off, but you could tell that AdeChike out-danced him. I think it's time to stop with the injuries and vote him off.

As for AdeCike, just showing up Jose in a dance isn't really saying much. I think the boy has a beautiful smile which takes him a long way, but he is getting out of his depth here. He has the technique, but not the versatility they are looking for, and doesn't show enough personality for the audience to really connect with him. I'd like to see him outlast Jose, because he deserves to, but he isn't hanging around to the end.

One last comment: where is Mary Murphy??? I like Mia Michaels as a choreographer. As a judge, she is awfully harsh, and we already have Nigel for that. I want the Hot Tomali train!!

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