Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Little Things

Ok, I know I have been reticent of late, or just plain lazy, but I'm back. And the main reason is because of a stranger who brightens my days a little bit and made me want to write about her, and possibly a few other Springtime things.

Most of the heavily trafficked New York City subway stops have people handing out the Metro and AM New York each morning. At the Bleecker Street subway stop for the past month or so, there has been one woman distributing paper with a few cheery lines to the passersby all morning long. She has an adjective for every day, from "Manic Monday" through "Terrific Thursday" and finally, "Fabulous, Feel-good, Freedom Friday" to cap off the week. Along with this, she will throw in a headline, or some other content to make you smile. This week, she gave a count down to the beginning of spring one day, and to the beginning of the baseball season another, accompanied by, "and if you're a Mets fan you know that stands for My Entire Team Sucks!"
As I walk by her on my way to work, I can't help but smile. You know some of these mornings, it's been damn cold out there. You know plenty of people walk right by ignoring her. You know some days she has someone stinking and begging for change sitting right next to her. But every day she is there, she is cheerful, and she makes my morning a little better.

And while it's been a little tough getting up that extra hour early this week for Daylight Savings Time, it has actually started to get a bit warmer, and the sun has been making an appearance, lasting late into the day, and I can feel the difference it makes. I walked home from work yesterday, which I haven't done in the past couple months, and it was nice to just enjoy the (I won't say fresh, that'd be a stretch) air, and hopefully soak in a little vitamin D.

Also doesn't hurt that I had a great weekend out of the city, including getting a pretty bouquet of flowers, making some yummy fondue, and enjoying some quality couch time while watching The Wire.

Hopefully spring really has arrived and will be a warm, sweet, season.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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