Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Higher Your Heels, the Further You Fall

This is my post in honor of Fashion Week coming up here in NYC.
I used to watch America's Next Top Model (secret shame/ guilty pleasure) and laugh at all the tall skinny girls who couldn't walk in heels, and fell on their asses on the runways.
(This clip is a little long, starts to get good around 3 minutes in)

At some point I realized that all of my heels are sandals, boots, or Mary-Janes, which I can walk well in (for the most part, never hurt my ankles anyway).  I wanted some cute pumps for work, I was coveting some that my friends have.  So I went online and found a good pair with 3 inch heels on sale, perfect.
That's when I found out that I can't walk in heels either.  Granted, I'm not trying to make a living as a model, but business situations can call for a professional look with heels.  I don't really fit that description.

I haven't fallen down, but my heel pops out of the shoe just about every time I get up from my desk.  And one of my friends asked why I was limping when I walked over to her.  Which is better than being asked what's stuck up my butt, because I'm clenching for dear life while I try to keep the damn things on my feet.
So why do I keep wearing them?  I assume that after practicing for a while, it will get easier, right?  Right?
I'm never wearing any of those Lady Gaga hooves though, it's not worth killing myself for fashion.

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