Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Pain of Commuting

Specifically, it is a huge pain in my rear.
I am currently between apartments, which leaves me living back at home in rockin' CT with my parents. It could be worse, I mean, we get along, my room was never converted into a gym or sewing nook, and my mom let me sneak my groceries in with hers at the store, saving me additional cash.

However, it is still living at home, and commuting an hour and a half each way every day. Meaning I now get up before the sun does, because it's winter up in the North East, and along with being frickin freezing and slammed with snow, it's dark many hours of the day still.
So I now drag my tired butt out of bed at 6am, manage to get somewhat presentable, and get in the car with my mom to go to the train station. She drops me at the corner with a nice, "Have a good day," and then goes off to her job. I take the train, and while I have a book with me, so far, I mostly snooze against the window, waking up every time I realize my mouth is hanging open, or that slight snoring is coming from me. A little over an hour later, I arrive at Grand Central, and take first one subway then switch to another, and get myself to work at about 8:45am (depending on the trains, cause I'm at their mercy now).
Then just before 5pm, I have to grab everything, and take the same subways back to catch my train home so that my dad can drive me home from the train station with him. I actually do read on this ride, but it's crowded and long and leaves me restless by the end.
At home, we all watch Jeopardy and yell our answers at the screen, then have dinner while watching the requisite TV for their age bracket (NCIS, Antiques Roadshow, This Old House, etc).

Basically, while it's OK for a brief time, I had better close on my new apartment soon, before I start worrying about what trouble Agent DiNozzo has gotten into this week and asking for permission to stay out past 10pm on a work night.

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  1. What a nice, wholesome, carpooling, Jeopardy-shouting family. I can only imagine you prance around in matching midriff tops while HGTV runs in the background.

    Just think, a crazy housewarming party and hot man living above you awaits.