Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Power Of..

This morning my cube mates and I had a half hour conversation about cheese. It started out with a discussion about Laughing Cow cheese, which is great stuff, and low calorie, until you eat every one of the little round wax wrapped wheels, or the little soft cubes, or the little soft wedges, and man how good they all are. But we couldn't figure out what kind of cheese the yellow wax wrapped cheese was.
The red one is the original Edam, there is mild Cheddar in yellow, light in white, and now they even have Gouda in tan/gold package. But what is yellow? It just says Bonbel. So we had to look it up. It turns out, that bonbel is a variety of cheese, a blend of cream, milk and fresh and aged cheeses. Education can be delicious.
After that lesson, I was thinking about how amazingly good cheese is, and how many great cheeses Babybel/Laughing Cow make (turns out the same company owns Boursin cheeses as well), and I thought, this is a company I would like to invest in.
So we looked into it, found that the parent company is Unibel, a French company. I was all set to buy some shares and be a part of the cheese business, but when I looked it up, it turns out it trades for around 185Euros per share. That means over $200 a share! Talk about the power of cheese. If you own a cheese company, you could make some serious cheese. Sorry, was that cheesy? :-)

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