Thursday, August 26, 2010

WerePanda activate

Sometimes the full moon affects me and brings out a bit of lunacy, I'll admit it. I completely believe that like the tides, the phases of the moon have an effect on people (who are after all about 60% water).

And being that I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, I have given it enough thought to decide that obviously the animal I would turn into were I to become a Were is a werepanda. Naturally.

But for those in the know about Weres, their beast can come out not just from the pull of the moon, but also from extreme agitation. And let me say that I was on the verge of Hulk-ing out today, after reading a particularly unprofessional and rude email from a coworker.

I work in a sales department, and am responsible for making sure that the reps know what is going on with new releases, so that they can better sell them. Makes sense, yes? So the week before new releases come out, I send them pertinent information, including what advertising campaigns have been set up. I've been doing this for months, since this became a part of my position, I send a request to the various Ad/Promo departments for information, they send me what they have, the reps find out, and are able to sell.

Apparently this isn't as easy as it sounds for some people. Today I received a long disgruntled email stating that I should have been able to get this information for myself, (though it hasn't been discussed at any of our weekly meetings; yes, I do pay attention), and they don't have time to help me, so stop asking. Here is a direct quote, just to show that I am not exaggerating and becoming irrationally irritated:

“Please do not ask anyone in my department for this information unless you have exhausted all other avenues and have come up lacking. I'm sorry to have to say it so bluntly, but we do not have time to help you.”
So after I picked my jaw up, and brushed myself off (feeling the bristles of Panda fur rising to the surface, the desire to club someone with a bamboo pole growing stronger), I forwarded the email on to my boss, who may have the clout to verbally abuse this individual in return. I doubt my telling him that I'm at the end of the avenues, and therefore asking for information would provide me with a more helpful response.

What I do know for sure is that sending me the information I asked for would have been considerably faster and a better use of time that sending me a long email about how he doesn't have time to help me.


  1. what a douche!! Panda Powers GOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. That guy sounds like a jerk.

    But a panda sounds like the ideal werecreature choice for you.