Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fincher's Dragon Tattoo

I just discovered the gloriously cryptic Mouth-Taped-Shut site with updates on the making of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -American version, as well as other Fincher-isms.  Love it.  And the rumor is that the behind-the-scenes shots are provided by Fincher himself, so even better.  Here is a trailer for the movie, in theaters in December, which looks awesome. 

I admit that I was initially skeptical about remaking the Swedish version, which was good, though lacked a fair amount of exposition, and cut the second tier characters (Erika Berger notably) down to almost nothing.  On the other hand, when Daniel Craig plays Mikael, his appeal to women of all stations and ages makes more sense than it did in the original.  But seeing that David Fincher craftsmanship, those haunting close ups of otherwise benign objects, the sweeping shots of the house and the woods, I can see the potential this new adaptation holds. 
As I mention, Daniel Craig plays our journalist and amateur detective hero, Mikael Blomkvist.  And as our leading lady of vengeance and no mercy, Lisbeth Salander, we have Roony Mara, a thankfully almost unknown indy actress who we can see in the role without picturing every other role we remember her from.  I really liked Lisbeth in the Swedish version, tiny and tatted up, but I am curious to see what this new actress can do.  Among the rest of the cast, Christopher Plummer is always a treat, and Stellan Skarsgard (father of my favorite vampire portrayer, Alexander Skarrsgard), who is eerie in his own right, should bring the right air of actual Swedish to the mix. 
As though the director and cast weren't enough to excite us about this movie, the soundtrack Trent Reznor.  I have to say, I never feel the need to rewatch The Social Network, but I bought the soundtrack because of how good he is at setting a mood. 
Also amazeballs: rumors of a Fight Club musical, because Fincher and Palahniuk together are just that awesome.  Because if they can do it with Silence of the Lambs, why the hell not?  I see a whole song and dance number for "His name is Robert Paulson."  Also eerie background voices singing "You are not your khakis."

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