Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trick or Treat?

So Halloween is a little over a week away, and I feel unspirited this year. I really like Halloween, I like dressing up, eating candy, our big work Halloween party, mostly cheesy scary movies, the whole thing. Not to mention yummy pumpkin flavor treats (have you had the pumpkin spice scones at Starbucks? They are almost worth the price). Yet somehow this year, I haven't gotten into the spooktacular zone. I haven't bought a costume, though I have an idea, I haven't been to any haunted houses/hayrides or Halloween: Part 27 type movies, and there are no dangerous bowls of candy sitting around the office, free to take all you want. Something is very wrong here.

So how do I make things right, in a good, scary, is that guy dressed like a clown just jumping the gun or is he really psychotic, kind of way?

My first idea is that I need to go see the re-release of Ghostbusters in theaters.  The movie is a classic, the ghosts didn't even scare me when I saw it in the 80s for the first time, but are still more believable villains than in many current horror movies, and come on, Bill Murray. I don't know whose brilliant idea it was to bring this back, but I really should take advantage, cause I ain't afraid of no ghosts (except after seeing Paranormal Activity, that scared the crap out of me).

Next up, I just found Trader Joe's new pumpkin bread and muffin mix, and I think i really should make some delicious treats, which I can bring in to help fill the void of there being no candy dishes out and about. But seriously, I could go for a twix or a kit-kat. Oh, those white chocolate kit-kats, those are awesome. Or the Hershey's cookies and cream bars, those rock. Not to mention skittles and reece's pieces. I may have to make a run to the vending machine.

So I guess after all of the candy and muffins I have in mind, I'll have to plan a costume accordingly (as in no midriff baring slutty anything this year.  Except possibly slutty pumpkin).  But store windows around the city are telling me that zombies are the way to go this year.  What's great about that is you can be zombie anything.  It's the ultimate easy costume, you can wear anything and add some makeup, and bam, you're a zombie.  Seriously, a simple Google search will show you that nothing is off limits, there are no specific rules.  Granted, it's not a very attractive look, it may not be a good way to pick someone up at the bar on Halloween, but my own experience is that the same way your costume goes into the back of the closet as soon as the holiday is over, anything that happens in Halloween is best left hidden away in the dark.  So bringing the scary back to your costume instead of to your morning after is really the better way to go. 

So do I feel more spirited now...not yet, but hopefully soon.  Where's a flash mob Thriller reenactment when you need one?

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