Monday, February 1, 2010


If you are not one of the girls who share lunch and laughs with me in the storage room every afternoon, you may wonder what the title of my blog means. I will reveal a piece of that today.
Standard pet names include things like sweetie, baby, honey, sugar. Anyone who has had to spend significant time around a couple using these names finds themselves soon nauseated. I knew a guy in high school who called all of his girls "hon" so that he wouldn't accidentally mix up their names, since he was usually involved with more than one girl at a time. Generic pet names are a great tool for cheaters.
There are few people who can get away with things like "babe" without sounding like a jerk. I know couples who manage to make terms like "dumbass" and "big head" sound affectionate. But to me, something more whimsical, creative, and fun, something guaranteed to make you smile whenever you hear it, that's the mark of a great moniker.
For a time in one relationship, I was called "muffin butt" (this was before the term muffin top came into common usage or became a hit song on '30 Rock'). I cracked up every time I heard it.
Enter Puppycakes. What a fabulous pet name it would make. I plan to use it at my earliest convenience. I'm also a fan of sugarbum, and could go for puddin' face, though it may be too open to baby talk (yuck).
I encourage you to have fun with your nick names and pet names, because if you can't make someone laugh, it's really just not worth it.

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